Restaurant Ossiano

The focal point of this space is a giant aquarium: enormous fish and sharks swim by as you are having dinner, and it’s difficult to shake the feeling of being on the set of a new James Bond movie. By the way, you can use the aquarium to organize a dramatic marriage proposal – a diver with a “Marry me?” sign can swim up to your table at the right moment. That said, fish and interiors are not the only thing that can be endlessly contemplated at Ossiano – the food deserves your attention as well as the award-winning chef Grégoire Berger nostalgically combines the best products from around the world, producing eye-catching results. Here, you will find an edible “plastic” bag made from plankton with seaweed, a foie gras candle, and a dessert hidden under the burning page in a book. In addition to its spectacular looks, the food is delicious.