Restaurant Maison de la Plage

The first beach project from Fundamental Hospitality and Izu Ani, who have Gaia, Alaya, and Maison Ani behind them. It is a very precise rendering of the Cote d’Azur atmosphere — with DJs and musicians walking between the tables.
The project was designed by the London studio First Within — and the result is very much in the spirit of French Riviera, with light-colored furniture, palm trees, tasseled chandeliers, a hefty icebox with seafood, and an open kitchen that provides an opportunity to watch the cooks at work.
The area of the beach is larger than that of the restaurant, and it has plenty of soft white sand, comfortable reclining chairs, and parties. The menu is full of Izu’s signature dishes, including lobster linguini, Niçoise salad, and grilled octopus.