Restaurant Stay by Yannick Alleno

A haute French cuisine from chef Yannick Alléno that you will find in the Palm Jumeirah. Yannick’s parents were restaurateurs, and he apprenticed with Manuel Martinez at Relais Louis XIII at the age of 15. Today, Alléno has several restaurants in Monte Carlo, Courchevel, and Paris, including the famous Le Meurice.
To get the first introduction to the chef’s culinary signature, you can order one of his tasting menus: Emotions, which consists of four dishes, or Experience, which consists of six. The chef pays a lot of attention of sauces — at Stay, they are called the “bridge between products.”
The interior decoration is full of black, silver, and burgundy colors. There is a common table for parties, and tables for business meetings and dates on the terrace with columns and a view of the garden.

The address of the restaurant Stay by Yannick Alleno