Restaurant Orto

Happy are those whose location and free hours allow them to visit this amiable waterside café several times a day: to take a deep breath and drink some coffee on a bench next to the wall with “You are beautiful” sign, to stop by on a bike for a raf or matcha takeaway, to send the kids to get (adult-approved) ice cream with sea salt. But the best of all is to show Orto to your friends. Let them also appreciate the flawless cheesecakes, brownies, cream puffs, and the best cinnamon roll with chocolate sauce. Orto is a specialty coffee shop that’s very popular with the locals. They can spend the whole day at Orto’s terrace, sipping the perfectly balanced coffee. The uncluttered, light, and tranquil interior does not distract from the enchanting view of Dubai Channel and the sea. Recently, Orto began offering breakfasts, so now you can often see expats here, holing up with a notebook in some shady corner.