Restaurant Din Tai Fung

The story of this project begins with Yang Bing-Yi who immigrated to Taiwan in 1948 with 20 dollars to his name. At the island, he opened a cooking oil store and called it Din Tai Fung. Right next to him, his wife sold freshly made Xiao Long Bao dumplings whose recipe remains the same to this day. The family became so popular that a snack shack was opened in place of the store.
Gradually the snack shack was transformed into a restaurant chain with branches around the world. There are already four venues in Dubai, and the one at Bluewaters even serves alcohol. The speed of service is impressive: only a few minutes pass between the moment you order and the moment you are served. While the classical dishes on the menu are amazing, we recommend occasionally paying attention to other offers, such as dim sum with truffles.

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