Restaurant Honeycomb Hi-Fi

One of Dubai’s best bars where one can have a drink, grab a bite, do some dancing, and listen to good music on the vinyl records. Honeycomb Hi-Fi combines two formats – a contemporary Japanese izakaya and a record library. In the evenings, the DJs take over, mixing hip hop, jazz, funk, soul, and airy EDM. The volume is maxed out, so don’t even count on in-depth conversations with friends. It’s best to order the Nashiso cocktail, study the extensive sake menu, have some scallops with wasabi and crispy karaage chicken, and enjoy. Honeycomb Hi-Fi masquerades as a speakeasy, hiding behind the secret door in a records store, but in truth, the establishment is well-known. There is no dress code, but the face control may refuse entry if the bar is already filled to capacity, which happens often on the weekends.