Restaurant Orfali Bros.

One of the city’s most-talked-about projects, opened by brothers Mohammad, Wassim and Omar Orfali in the Jumeirah neighborhood. Its format reminds one of bistronomy, where street food is combined with designer gastronomy – one example would be the umami eclair with beef prosciutto and porcini emulsion. Overall, the local menu is the essence of eclectic Levantine cuisine that combines traditions and tastes of the Middle East countries.
The brothers spend almost every day with the guests, recommending this and that – and if you hear some advice from them, take it to heart. Add to this a friendly service without back slapping: the team treats each guest individually, paying attention to coherent storytelling that doesn’t distract from the food.
You won’t get in without a reservation – and the project’s constant mentions in every imaginable international guide and rating is only making it harder (but so worth it!).